Best Corporate Clothing South Africa

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Unique Corporate Gifts

Unique Corporate Gifts – Because Each Employee Is Special!

If you want to convey your warm wishes to your colleagues and employees, there’s nothing better than giving them unique corporate gifts. There are such a huge number of corporate gifts online that it gets confusing selecting the right one. Remember, you want unique gifts – something that depicts originality in idea.

Unique Stationery

Stationery is one of the most common corporate gifts. But, you can make it unique by personalizing it. You can scribble the name of employees on the pen sets, notepads, organizers, and other such gift items. It feels so nice to get a gift with your name on it!

Get a complete set of stationery containing pencils, pens, erasers, punching machine, stapler, notepads, folders, organizers, and blank CDs. You can add paperweights, bookmarks, diaries, and other such items to it. If not stationery, gift your employees with novels or reference books. Table clocks, pen holders, calendars, bottle openers, CD covers, key chains, and water bottles make great corporate gifts too.

Unique Gadgets

Forget calculators. Get iPods. Drop those floppies. Pick pen drives or flash drives. Laptops, digital diaries, beverage coolers, and other such gizmos are some unusual corporate gifts that you can give to your colleagues or business associates. One popular gift is beverage cooler or warmer connected through USB port!

If you really wanna create an impression, go for CD/DVD players, handy cams, iPods, mp3 players, headphones, digital cameras, and sleek laptops. Or how about giving smart accessories like laptop covers, cell phone speakers, web cams, or mobile holders? For truly unique corporate gifts, get blue tooth enabled mobile with hands free!

Unique Baggage

Corporate bags are great for corporate gift giving. They include briefcases, purses, luggage bags, and wallets. These gifts are appropriate for those companies who send their employees often on business trips. There is a huge collection of classy leather bags, handbags, and purses available in formal colors like black, maroon, navy blue, creams, whites, and others. Sleek briefcases in silver or jet-black color are trendy.

If your organization has an informal work environment, you can even gift backpacks. Quite a unique corporate gift, isn’t it?

Unique Baskets

How about giving palatable gourmet gifts to your employees or associates? Wine corporate gifts are quite popular. Even liquor sets or champagne bottles are successful in creating an instant rapport with your business clients. You can include a set of martini glasses or wine glasses along with the bottle of champagne. Besides this, you can add snacks like crisps, chocolate bars, and chips into the wine basket for a complete gourmet effect.

Gift baskets themselves make for unique corporate gifts. This is because you can create exclusive baskets for wine, ham and cheese, chocolates, and non-edible items like stationery and others. In chocolates, you have a huge variety. There are milk chocolates, dark chocolates, Belgian chocolates, liquor chocolates, truffles, choco cookies, cakes, and what not!

There’s no dearth in the number of ideas for unique corporate gifts. The more you apply your creativity, the more unique your gift becomes!